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Productivity Tips - How to win 3 hours everyday?

We know that there aren't enough hours in a day when you are an entrepreneur. Therefore we decided to help and spent last week rummaging through the Internet to provide you with the best productivity tips.

Online productivity tips

Chrome Auto Text Expander - Chrome Auto Text Expander is a magical tool that works across Google Chrome by watching what you type for pre-programmed shortcuts and automatically fills in the full text for you. You won't spend another day writing the same sentences over and over in your emails.

The end of passwords - Dashline is a French startup that allows you to safely pre-enter your password on any website.

Social Networking Rehab - Tired of losing 2 hours everyday on social media? Install Freedom, enter the websites to which you are the most addicted and set a time. You wo'nt be able to visit these websites until then. Enjoy your newfound freedom!

Save your tabs - Session Buddy allows you to save open tabs and restore them later. You can organize your saved tabs by topic, export them to a document, and if your browser does crash, Session Buddy will recover the tabs you do have open.

Put away your dictionary - Grammarly checks your grammar and typing mistakes as you type. If you hold your mouse over it, it will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. It works on Gmail and most social media sites. A dream come true!

Funny productivity tips

Working in a café - Two researchers from Chicago proved that the brain reaches its creativity pic when slightly distracted. Background sounds at the level of 70 decibels (the very same level as in a café) are the ideal distraction. And guess what, Coffitivity allows you to stream the sounds you want!

The Pomodoro method - Take a tomato-shaped timer, set it on 25 minutes and work hard on your partnership proposal until it rings. You just mastered the Pomodoro method (pomodoro means tomato in Italian): you avoided all distractions to focus on your task for 25 minutes, the average maximum attention time for an adult.

Growing a plant - A plant is slowly growing on your desk. First a seed... then a stem... then a sprout... But be careful! You will kill it if you check your smartphone! Forest is an app that grows a plant on your mobile, as long as you let the plant grow.

Legendary productivity tip - Hyperwords

We are not really sure about this one because as much as we want it, we are not IT experts. Far from it. But during our online wanderings, we stumbled upon an article from The Economist about Hyperwords, a new sort of navigation created by a Norwegian computer scientist named Frode Hegland.

"His free software, a browser add-on called Hyperwords, makes every single word or phrase on a page into a hyperlink—not just those chosen by a website's authors. Click on any word, number or phrase, and menus and sub-menus pop up. With a second click, it is possible to translate text into many languages, obtain currency or measurement conversions, and retrieve related photos, videos, academic papers, maps, Wikipedia entries and web pages fetched by Google, among other things."

It sounded like a weapon of mass destruction in the right hands, so we thought of our readers.

And remember : Work Hard, Play Hard!

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