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  • Impact Network, as a member of INCO, gathers organizations sharing the common ambition of contributing to the development of emerging players in the new economy. We envision tomorrow’s enterprise as an agent able to create economic opportunities for all and to combine wealth creation with positive social and environmental impact.


    With 500+ entrepreneurs supported across the world, we are the #1 global network of incubators for green and social startups, helping change-makers turn ideas into actions.


    Impact Network provides visibility, resources, tools and know-how to support its startups in expanding globally and being at the forefront of innovation. Our teams, based in 20 cities across 4 continents, work hand-in-hand to share the practices, connections, experiences, and contents that can best support our entrepreneurs.


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    Dr Coach is a startup changing the business of education. Indeed, in parts of Asia, children whose education is not supplemented privately are in the minority. And tutors are paid a lot more than what low-income family can afford.


    As both a student and a tutor in homework tutorial classes, Dean Leung realised the importance for this industry to change. That’s why - along with Chun Hin Cheung - they started Dr Coach to make education affordable and convenient for everyone. They tackle the homework overload primary school students face in Hong Kong with an app that allows them to find online tutors and, thus, to avoid expensive tutorial centres.


    Their ambition - Equalizing Learning Opportunity - they are also offering free homework tutorial services to 200 low-income family students in Hong Kong.


    Dustin and Brian share a passion for health and sustainability. When they met at the university in Hong Kong, they both had chronic breathing conditions. Realizing they could put their passions to good use, they created uHoo (pronounce “yahoofoo” in Chinese, which means healthy breathing), an indoor air toxin sensor, that provides users with all the data to create a healthier home/office environment.


    Uhoo therefore meets a real need especially in heavily populated and poluted megalopoli. Its sensors are currently being deployed and tested by corporates and NGOs around the world (among which Saint-Gobain in China). The start-up was incubated at So In So Good in Hong Kong.


    Their ambition : Deploy as many units as possible to gain influence and have a bigger impact on people's health.


    Adrianna Cantu and Gary Johnson met in 2013 at TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference, dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” They decided to combine their respective experience in healthcare and technology by co-founding Revealix. The start-up was incubated at Tarmac TX in Austin.


    Revealix is a health tech company developing real-time analytics software solutions to reveal adverse skin and surgical site complications before patient harm occurs. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and yet, when it comes to healthcare innovation, it's an area of patient care that's been terribly underserved.


    Their ambition: Seeing the Unseen and introducing breakthrough capabilities dedicated to the health and wellbeing of at-risk populations, globally.


    Julien and Charles met in grad school where they were both studying digital communication. One day, a friend of Julien who is visually impaired got lost in an unknown city. This gave Julien and Charles an idea: designing a simple digital solution to help the visually impaired - GRIZZ.


    GRIZZ is a tool that guides the blind and visually impaired through a set of two vibrators fixed on their shoulders. The start-up was accelerated at Le Comptoir in Paris.


    Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs ?


    “Share your idea with people from the beginning. They can help you in many ways. People have a lot to give back.”


    Hafed, Youssef and Abdelmouttalib, faced difficulties when looking for jobs. They decided to tackle the issue of youth unemployment in Morocco thanks to new technologies and created Jobi.ma! The start-up was incubated at Espace Bidaya in Casablanca.

    Jobi.ma is a platform that makes job searching and recruting easy and quick thanks to matching algorithms leaning on big data and machine learning. The collected date is later analyzed in order to produce precise reports on the Moroccan job market.

    An advice for those who want to give entrepreneurship a shot ?

    "Do not lock yourselves in your office to conceive your product. Meet your clients and develop your product with them!"


    Bongani and his brother Siphiwe, come from the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg's suburbs. They have decided to fight against their township's isolation by bringing tourists in. The start-up was incubated by Igalelo in Cape Town.


    Maboneng Township Arts Experience is a social company that allows familly to find a source of income by transforming their house into art galleries, in which local artists exhibit their works and can sell them to tourists. For the tourists, it is a unique opportunity to discover the artists from the Townships.


    Their ambition : "Turn Townships into Towns"


    Last year, Manobeng won Best Fringe / Alternative category during the Global Fine Arts Awards à Miami !


    Deidre is the founder of MzansiStore.com, an online marketplace that helps South African designers and craftsmen to promote and sell their products on intrenational markets. The start-up was accelerated at Tarmac SF in San Francisco.


    "Every tech entrepreneur starting a business anywhere in the world dreams of going to Silicon Valley one day. At Tarmac SF I met a talented community of people, aware of the challenges of building a B2C tech business in South Africa and over 3 months, my business really grew."


    Her ambition: Leveraging the incredible potential of e-commerce and innovative digital tools to help small and micro-businesses in Africa and change many lives.

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